Core business model

Encouraging the mass adoption of the genomic bioindustry

GenomeFi aims to expand and popularize its services on Web3, including providing gene-based diagnostic kits and personalized prescription services, in collaboration with Clinomics and key partners.


GDIDs created in GenomeFi can be used not only in the GenomeFi ecosystem but also in the ecosystem of global partners to have their identity reflect their genetic information verified in DID format. They will also have many other Web 2.0 and 3.0 activities and opportunities available to them through this participation.

GENO Maker

GENO MAP NFTs are generated through Maker based on an individual's unique genetic information through an AI algorithm. People who purchased Maker with GENO Tokens can be rewarded with GENO Tokens for their activities within the GenomeFi ecosystem.


After a simple verification through GENO Maker, users can acquire GENO MAP NFTs and earn GENO Tokens as a reward for contributing to the GenomeFi ecosystem.

GENO Staking

Those who donate NFTs containing their genetic information for research purposes can receive GENO Tokens as a reward for their contribution to the ecosystem and genetic information research.

Ecosystem participants and depositors who provide personal genomic information will also be rewarded with GENO Tokens.

Participating in GENO Series tests with GenomePad using GENO Tokens

GENO Token payment can be used to qualify for WL and also as a web 3.0 ecosystem activity to pay for genetic testing and other medical and healthcare services, which can be provided not only by Clinomics but by GenomeFi’s various other partners.


Based on the Genome MAP NFT, PFP characters are assigned according to their specialized genes, and PFP will be used as a marketing tool in future collaborations with other projects.


Genetic tests can be co-purchased and new test research can be voted on. Users can receive preferential pricing on kits and other healthcare services.


Users can view GDID information, Genome MAP NFT status, GENO Staking status, GENO Token holdings, tokens in users’ wallets and in-app leaderboard features (total number of registrations, NFT issuance, outstanding genes of the month, etc.)

GENO Lab Town

A social virtual world will be built using GENO PFP, allowing users to apply for genetic tests within the virtual world, and view content such as genetic scissors and crossing experiments and DNA Leveraging exhibitions.

Expanding the GenomeFi ecosystem with the GENO Lab Town

GENO NFTs enable a variety of services and activities to take place in the ecosystem, including personalized diagnoses, nutritional recommendations and other medical services, as well as galleries, minigames, learning more about genomics, interactions with other users and more.

GENO Academy

A token incentive-based genome education organization collaborating with global medical centers, biotech companies, countries, and local governments to expand the use of tokens and NFTs.

With GenomeFi’s online-based learning (GMCA) courses, users can learn difficult genome and crypto concepts from leading experts in the field and get Genome Master Certified Associate (GMCA) from the GENO academy.

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