Multiomics-based genomic data

What is multi-omics?

Multi-omics refers to comprehensive data produced using the latest technologies for understanding genetic, functional, environmental, and immune responses.

Multi-omics inspections

Users in GenomeFi's ecosystem can receive access to the following services through a multi-omics inspection.

Early diagnosis/prediction technology

Provides early detection of and helps improve treatment outcomes for various diseases while decreasing death rates. Disease prevention must be a priority, rather than the treatment of diseases.

GENO Series early diagnosis/prediction technology

The GENO Series not only predicts the risk of disease occurrence according to the genetic factors that an individual is born with, it also provides a comprehensive assessment of disease occurrence risk by taking 10 types of environmental factors, lifestyle for example, into account. It provides the expected disease risk ranking based on improved or worsened environmental factors for each disease, so that negative lifestyle habits can be improved on and positive lifestyle habits can be maintained.

Pre-cancer diagnosis/monitoring process and genetic testing service products

Disease probability prediction service

Provides diagnosis and monitoring services for 10 types of cancers and 10 types of major general diseases and environmental factors.

Comprehensive results for genetic predictions of cancers

Provides risk graphs calculated solely from genetic test results for cancers.

  • Indicates a user’s disease risk ranking compared to 100 other people. The closer a user ranks near the top, the higher chance of having the disease.

  • Results of an individual’s genetic test can differ depending on each organization’s testing strategies. This is why choosing a genetic analysis organization is so important.

Genotest's researchers, who discovered female genome publicly, have decades of experience and technology in genetic analysis to provide optimized genetic analysis. Overcoming aging and its associated increased disease risk, a fundamental concern for humanity, is also a priority.

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