GENO & DeSci


DeSci stands for "Decentralized Science" and is a movement to build a public infrastructure for funding, creating, reviewing, storing, and sharing medical and scientific knowledge.

Currently, in academic healthcare and science, unnecessary friction around bureaucratic regulations, arbitration bodies and funding is a significant problem that hinders research and innovation in healthcare and science.

Within the DeSci ecosystem, the GENO Token can be used in several ways.

GENO Token uses

  • Medical and scientific funding

  • Targeted funding for specific fields

  • Providing research methods and access

  • Collecting, managing and sophisticating data

  • Managing intellectual property

The GenomeFi Foundation will thus utilize the GENO Token to offer medical and scientific researchers new funding and R&D methods that allow them to jointly own and finance research projects using Web3 and blockchain technology, review medical and scientific research on the blockchain, advance medical and scientific research through intellectual property management, and create a DeSci ecosystem.

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