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GENO Lab Town (Virtual World)

GENO Lab Town is a virtual participatory space for users and partners utilizing GENOI, a character created through NFTs, and can only be accessed through GDID. The GENO Lab Town provides the following services.

  • A GENO Lab Town Beta version using genomic distributed identity (GDID)

  • Individual characters reflecting users’ genetic information.

  • An advanced social virtual world planned to be built using the "GENO Lab Town Origin" roadmap

  • Minigame missions to find symbols and letters belonging to the GENO Token

  • Earning points by taking GenomeFi quizzes

  • Expanding the NFT ecosystem through other quests

  • Participation in Token Airdrop activities

  • Applications for genetic testing, experimenting with genetic scissors and crossbreeding, and the ability for users to exhibit their “best DNA”

  • Virtual space for partner labs


The DApp allows users to check staking, leaderboards, prices, data statuses and more for GENO MAP NFTs.


DNA biocontent mascots

Utilization TBA

  • GENO Lab Town

  • social channel mascots

  • collaboration (TBA)

  • pop-up merchandise (TBA)

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