GDID(Genomic Decentralized Identifier)

GenomeFi is not just a DID with distributed ledger technology, but a 'GDID' issued based on an individual's genetic characteristics through the world's best DNA sequencing and AI technology.

GDID(Genome Decentralized Identifier) is a technology that digitally identifies genetic information, especially personally sensitive information such as fingerprints and irises, through blockchain technology, which enhances the safety of its use and the protection of this sensitive information. It is issued through the collection of the oral epithelium of an individual. It is widely used in platforms such as the Metaverse and Web 3.0, and GDID can be commercialized and used in industries such as e-commerce, social networks, and financial fields such as fintech, microtransactions, payment and authentication. GenomeFi is prepared to lead the DID market with its superior AI technology.

The GDID process with AI technology

  1. Collect genetic information: Users provide their oral epithelium through GENO Maker, which is more unique than a fingerprint scan. Data from the entire genome is used to decode and store the entire human sequence of 3 billion pairs by using AI technology, which is carried out by advanced research facilities and genome experts.

  2. Raw data analysis: Using the world's leading DNA sequencing and AI technology, the GDID process helps users understand their genetic characteristics, sequences, variations, and features. The data size of each unique, personal full-length genome is 1.5TB.

  3. Metadata extraction: AI technology is used to extract the unique genetic information used in GDID. AI organizes big data and is applied from trial to premium to enc genome contents.

  4. GDID: Generated through proprietary AI technology, GDIDs are used as strong decentralized identifiers to prove identities in the digital world that Web3 will create.

GDID is a more secure and reliable authentication system that combines blockchain technology with unique AI technology.

Genetic information is sensitive personal information. Data analysis of vast amounts of full-length genomic data using the world's best DNA sequencing technology and unique and proprietary AI technology requires advanced research facilities and highly specialized genomic researchers, who can extract the necessary metadata and categorize and edit genomic data for individuals’ purposes.

This unique AI system will organize big data and provide a variety of personalized precision medical services with differentiated uses and categories, from trial to premium content, GENO-NFT Series (Trial, Origin V2, V3) and GENO-Premium, to promote the use of genome maps and genome data.

Decoding genomic data with AI is our vision of genome-based healthcare.

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