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The GENO MAP NFT aims to popularize genomic bioindustry content, making it easy for anyone to experience genomic NFTs, participate in the ecosystem, and analyze data. The casual design concept makes it easier to access genomic gene bio information, which can be difficult. It is designed to be intuitively understood by easily expressing genomic information that is difficult to decode visually.

GENO MAP NFTs allow users to embody and showcase their personality traits based on their genetic information in a Web3-based digital world.

By utilizing big data based on GENO AI technology, NFTs can be issued based on an individual's genetic information. The issued NFT can be held as a personal wallet, and the genetic information of the NFT can be checked on a leaderboard within the GENO DApp.

With this personal genetic information, users can participate in the GenomeFi ecosystem and facilitate DID on any Web3 ecosystem that supports GENO MAP NFTs. GENO MAP NFT holders will be able to use the GENO staking service within the DApp and will be eligible to apply for various benefits from the GenomeFi platform and its partners in the future.

GENO MAP NFTs consist of 3 NFT series in total; Trial, Origin (V2, V3), and Premium.


To promote the genomic bioindustry, GenomeFi provides users with easy access to the genomic NFT experience, ecosystem participation, and data analysis while ensuring anonymity.

Survey questions are easy to answer, and their results show how much of a role genetic information can play in suggesting lifestyle improvements for users to make.

The survey results are analyzed through AI technology, and NFT images reflecting users’ characteristics are automatically generated. These can be viewed on wallets and DApps, and GENO Tokens can be received when staking.

12 test categories

  • Nicotine dependence

  • Insomnia

  • Sleeping habits and duration

  • Mathematical skills

  • Depression

  • Morning/evening type

  • Alcohol dependence

  • Language fluency

  • Intelligence

  • Reasoning

  • Caffeine dependence

  • Happiness


Personality traits or disease susceptibility are the result of the interaction of many genetic and environmental factors which exclude genetic factors inherited from parents and refer to external factors such as a person's lifestyle, diet, and level of stress.

GENO MAP NFT-Origin V2, V3


Genetic testing using an oral epithelial cell swab can reveal certain genetic predispositions. Oral epithelial cell sampling is the most commonly used method for genetic testing and is easily collected by gathering a large amount of saliva from the mouth and spitting it out, or by simply scraping the inside of the cheek with a cotton swab.

It is often used as an at-home genetic testing method because it is painless, simple, and convenient compared to other collection methods, and the test can reveal a total of 65 phenotypes. A phenotype is an outwardly visible trait that results from the combination of genotypes.

DTC genetic testing allows for at-home DNA collection, with the sample then being sent to a professional laboratory, followed by test results being sent back. This makes customers managing their health using their own genetic information especially convenient.

GENO MAP NFT - Premium

GenomeFi's most premium product, whole-genome data, is produced by fully decoding the entire 3 billion base pairs of a person's sequence, providing disease-specific information on the source item through advanced genetic testing.

  • Genetic test possibilities

Genetic testing for major cancers

Integrated testing of 5 genetic and 10 environmental factors for major cancers

Genetic testing for major cancers and other general diseases

Integrated testing of genetic and environmental factors for 10 major cancers and 10 general diseases

Genetic testing for additional cancers and general diseases

Genetic analysis testing for additional cancers and general diseases

Genetic testing for children and adolescents

Genetic analysis tests such as personality, intelligence, nutrition, and health for children and adolescents

Genetic testing for nutrition

A dedicated genetic analysis test for nutrition

Genetic testing for rare diseases

Screening test for 49,683 possible mutations associated with 4,397 kinds of rare diseases, used for prenatal parental carrier testing, newborn postnatal screening, and more

Microbiome Test

Metagenomic analysis provides customized solutions like intestinal microbiological

monitoring tests and health indexes

Biological age genetic test

Using Multi-omics technology, this test measures a person’s biometric age with a high degree of accuracy

Whole genome analysis testing

This test provides analysis of an entire genome, deciphering results and variation statistics, ancestral analysis (taking one’s entire family tree into consideration), biological age, genetic bands, diseases, and 230 different physical characteristics performed via whole genome decoding and whole genome-level DNA chips, along with many other factors

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